Security and Fraud Awareness

Importance of reading the OTP to avoid fraud

Tips to safeguard credit card and loan application fraud

Tips to safeguard from Apple, Samsung and Google pay frauds

Tips to safeguard from courier fraud

Tips to safeguard from fraud using online sales platform

Tips to safeguard from phishing link fraud

Tips to safeguard from staff fraud

Tips to safeguard from vishing fraud

Consumer Awareness

Aafaq Islamic Finance is committed to protect our customer’s financial data, we ensure that your information is protected with us. You must remain vigilant and never share your Personal Information with anyone.

Important Security Tips

  • Protect your information at all times
  • Never share your PIN with anyone.
  • Change your PIN frequently and avoid writing it down.
  • Do not provide any personal details such as your Credit Card Number, PIN etc. with anyone.
  • If you suspect that your personal details have been compromised, report it immediately to Aafaq Islamic Finance.
  • To report fraudulent activities, please contact us at 600502006 or email us at

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