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Faisal bin Saoud Al Qassimi launches “Happy Customer” Initiative

16 Oct ,2014

Faisal bin Saoud Al Qassimi released the "Happy Customer" initiative to aafaq islamic finance costumers, which offers many advantages where the maximum of time for the completion of the transaction in all the outlets of the company around the Emirates is 5 minutes.

And all the services offered by aafaq will be provided through smart devices so that the customer can provide the service for himself because he is The one to know his own needs and the time required to complete them and our staff will only be his assistants to complete his transaction through service and payment By smart devices and many other aids as well as service provision for people with special needs and the elderly in their places.

In addition to the availability of the first modern concept of customers bonuses by offering unique specialized program in the world and who received honors from several international destinations.

In addition, aafaq launched  a new training course under the name of "Happy Customer" so customer service has become wider .This training course is taught in some of the training and educational institutions such as the Malta Institute of Management and Masar aafaq and Dubai Center for Entrepreneurship.


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