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aafaq Islamic Finance signs a strategic membership agreement with the Dubai Multi Commodities center (DMCC).

26 Jun ,2014

aafaq Islamic Finance has signed a strategic membership agreement with  Dubai Multi Commodities center (DMCC).

Thus it joins the platform trade flow subordinate to the center to expand the scope of services of operations of commodity Murabaha to cover all financing operations for its   retail customers, and small as well as medium projects clients.

The matter that enhances the electronic Murabaha operations for goods in order to support the treasury transactions because successful execution of   the of these transactions is  reflecting  abidance by innovation and leadership in  Islamic banking operations sector  in the state; and also  enhances the fleet of Islamic financial services offered by the Islamic company  for finance.

Which include the provision of financing products for companies and individuals.

In addition to electronic payment services and flight bookings at its outlets across the United Arab Emirates, branches of the Dubai Department of Economic Development and Tas’Heel centers.

The introduction of Islamic financial services in this way reflects the commitment of aafaq financing  to the innovative Islamic financial products and services to both of the organizations and individuals and represents the hard pursuit of aafaq   to be one of the active financial institutions in the implementation of the initiative of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, to make Dubai the capital of Islamic economics.

In collaboration with the competent authorities like Dubai Center for the development of Islamic Economics and DMCC Center.

It should be noted that the management of trade Flo platform subordinate to DMCC looks forward to supporting the joint businesses in the coming years, the trade flo platform of DMCC is supporting Dubai’s efforts to become the capital of the Islamic economy. The platform (also) helps to enhance the level of compatibility with Islamic sharia and provide the best and latest electronic services for customers.


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