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21 Billion Investments in Education by 2020

18 Aug ,2015

Dr. Mahmoud Abdalaal, CEO of aafaq, it is in line with the approach the State Government in the preparation of an innovative and creative generation, capable of interacting with the developments of the times and meet the needs of the future, it will launch aafaq Fund Education of credit and real estate investment according to Sharia Islamic, in the middle of next year, with a capital of AED 650 million, will be allocated for the establishment of educational schools focus on building a modern education keep pace with developments in the transition to smart government and open the doors of opportunity for students, and fit outputs with labor market requirements in the country, stressing that the prospects of investment in the education sector in a positive state especially in light of awareness and scientific renaissance taking place in the country, and reap the fruit-growing state economy and sustainability.
He added: «launch Fund« Education »comes within the framework of the initiative« Seek knowledge »launched by Sheikh Faisal Bin Saud Al Qassimi, Managing Director of the company« Islamic prospects of financing »in March of this year, and aims to raise awareness and keep up with economic developments in the country and the development of the development of 21st century skills innovative programs they have, including hurt in support of a knowledge society. »
Demand and supply
He explained Abdalaal: «it is necessary to take into account the required disciplines that enhance government guidelines in the intelligent transformation of the educational process, for example, there are new sectors in the country today, such as renewable and nuclear energy, you need to curriculum recognizes the importance of individual differences, innovation and scientific research and critical thinking away from indoctrination , and aims to spread awareness and culture of dealing in the community, tolerance and hospitality. Therefore we cooperate in the establishment of educational structure takes into account the importance of early preparation for the workforce to accommodate the cultural and the next giant real estate projects in the state, of which Dubai to host Expo 2020, and contribute to its success ».
Education Message
He said Abdalaal: The entry of Islamic investments in the education sector comes his Islamic meanings Semitism true to our religion which urges the collection of useful knowledge beneficial to the individual and society, and «message of education», referring to the keenness of the founder of Albany, Sheikh Zayed, may God have mercy on him, to be based renaissance State education, and awareness of the importance of innovation, which he said the best way to produce innovative generations of empowered century tools.
New school
Dr. Mahmoud Abdalaal said that "prospects" I got from the Knowledge and Human Development and the Municipality of Dubai as well as the required for the establishment of an educational school for basic stages in the Al Barsha area-based creativity and innovation into their licenses, to be opened in September 2016, and can accommodate 3,400 students for he said, pointing out that the period investment capital recovery is about 5 years. Abdel Aal and predicted growth of demand for investment in the education sector of schools and universities in the state, at the same time underlined the need to identify future targets and community to invest in the education sector and taking into account the requirements of the labor market so as not to overtake supply over demand.


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